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Frequently Asked Questions

About Citi® Tech for Integrity Challenge

Review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1. Who can apply?
Dynamic startups and established technology companies from all around the world who are interested in solving for the pain points within the designated categories, and who meet the Challenge eligibility requirements, can apply. The pillars are: Culture, Ethics & Citizen Engagement; Information, Security & Identity; Crisis Management & Aid; Cutting the Red Tape; Analytics, Reporting & Transparency; Financial Crimes & Illicit Activities; and Procurement.
2. Why should I participate?
This is an opportunity to participate in a global challenge that could open doors to global customers. You may have access to key decision makers from Citi’s public sector clients, Citi executives and our network of allies around the world. In addition, you may have the opportunity to participate in a virtual accelerator with a robust curriculum and mentorship to take your solution to the next level.
3. Is registration in the Challenge free?
4. What are the rules?
Take a look at the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. All businesses will be required to acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement in order to register for the Challenge. We will review applications and invite selected participants to join the Challenge.
5. What is the scope of the Challenge?
We’re looking for participants to reimagine the ways to help public and private organizations in their fight for greater transparency, security and integrity.
6. I’m from outside the Demo Day countries in the program, can I still participate?
Yes, the Challenge is open to businesses from all over the world. For more information on eligibility, take a look at the Terms & Conditions.
7. What are integrity pain points?
To guide you in building the most relevant solutions, we crowd sourced the greatest pain points and concerns of governments and multilaterals from around the world. We invite you to use them as a starting point to tailor your solution.
8. What should be included in the application one-pager?
The one-pager is the space you have to describe the solution’s customer/client engagement model.
9. What information should be on the accelerator final submission?
  • The current pain point: What are you fixing or improving?
  • The customer experience: How will a customer use your solution and what will they experience as they walk through it? We want to understand the front-end experience.
  • Differentiation / Innovation: What makes your market-ready solution unique?
  • How does your solution bring integrity and transparency?
10. If I am a finalist, where will I present on Demo Day?
If you are a finalist and invited to present at a Demo Day location, we will do our best to accommodate the location preferences listed in your registration.
11. What should I bring to Demo Days?
Your talent, your solution and the devices you need to show us how your solution works! We will provide you with Wi-Fi access, but if you have a MiFi or similar device, it’s worth bringing it. If you think you might need it to demo your idea, then bring it along! If in doubt, get in touch with us and we can let you know.
12. Does Citi pay for travel and expenses to present at Demo Day locations?
No. If you’re invited to a Demo Day as a finalist, you’ll have to pay your own way.
13. Will there be journalists present?
Yes, the events are open to press.
14. What’s the format of the demo portion of the event?
If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll be required to submit a video of up to two minutes as part of your presentation. During the Demo Day, we’ll give you six minutes to present your solution and an additional two minutes to respond to questions. Any and all videos or materials presented at a Demo Day must be in English.
15. What is the format and maximum upload file size for the video?
We require a YouTube link. Remember, the video can be up to two minutes.
16. What criteria will the judges use to evaluate the prototypes?

Solutions will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Global reach
  • Innovation
  • Scalability
  • Integrity impact
  • Functionality
  • Implementation feasibility
17. Who owns the IP on the prototype we make?
You do! However, any ideas or concepts related to your registration, submission, application or the Challenge that are shared in connection with the Challenge will not be treated as confidential or proprietary, and can be accessed and/or may be used by others. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the intellectual property terms applicable to your registration, submission and application and other content shared in connection with the Challenge.
18. What are the awards?

There are different awards:

  • Audience choice award (1): Citi, allies and guests at each Demo Day, virtual and live, will vote to select the award recipient.
  • Peer choice award (1): Finalists will vote amongst themselves for their preferred innovation.
  • Citi and Ally awards: Allies provide additional cash or in-kind awards. The recipients are determined by each respective ally or Citi business unit.
  • T4I award: A panel of distinguished judges from the public and private sector will vote to determine at least one (1) Global T4I award recipient. The recipient(s) will receive a cash award.
19. Do I have to submit my application forms in English?
Yes, submissions should be in English only.
20. Can my video be in a language other than English?
No, videos should be in English only.
21. If I am selected for a Demo Day presentation, can I present my solution in a language other than English?
Demo Day presentations must be in English; however, we will allow presentations in Spanish in our Latin American Demo Days; will have simultaneous translation to English upon request.