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Promoting integrity is rewarding Citi offers awards to top innovators plus the opportunity to explore a commercial relationship with Citi and allies. T4I allies will also offer additional awards to top innovators.

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T4I Awards

A panel of distinguished judges from the public and private sector will vote to determine at least one Global T4I award recipient. The recipient(s) will receive a cash award.

Audience Award

Citi, allies and guests at each Demo Day, virtual and live, will vote to select the award recipient.

Peer’s Choice Award

Finalists will vote amongst themselves for their preferred innovation.

Citi and Ally Awards

Allies provide additional cash or in-kind awards. The recipients are determined by each respective ally or Citi business unit.

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Citi Global Awards

1+ finalist/demo day will receive a cash award.

1+ finalist will go through additional validation processes to explore pilot opportunities.

Up to 10 finalists will present to senior government officials in Nigeria post-demo day.

Up to 10 finalists will present to senior government officials in Colombia post-demo day.

Global Ally Awards

1 finalist / demo day will receive Bizspark Plus Sponsorships.

Go To Market Services
Gold Status Award

Accelerator Award

1+ finalist will have access to Medici Live!, including mentorship and $250k in pre-committed investor $’s

Up to 6 finalists will receive up to 8 hours of legal support from Clifford Chance LLP.

1+ Latam finalist will be showcased at the October 2017 ATECH conference.

1 finalist / demo day will receive a 1 year credit to IBM’s developer portal.

1 finalist will be invited to partake in a 2 day workshop, be introduced to executives and receive tailored mentorship for one hour a month for six months.

1 finalist / region will receive virtual mentorship for 1 year.

Up to 2 finalists will receive access to 2- year incubator program and $10k in seed funding.

1+ finalist will receive $50k to support a pilot(s).

1+ finalist will receive up to 30 hours of free UX design mentorship.

2+ finalists will be showcased at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Fintech Summit in October 2017 (priority given to Abu Dhabi finalists)

1+ finalists will become a prioritized candidate for the PwC @scale program, that bridges the gap between emerging innovators and PwC’s global cross industry clients.

The winner will have the opportunity for an evaluation for a potential alliance with PwC, along with 2 seats on the premium version of PwC’s DeNovo platform and a full company profile on DeNovo.

Region Specific Ally Awards

Up to 2 finalists will be invited to be part of Transparencia Mexicana´s team to contribute and have a two way learning process in the creation of their solutions.

Village Capital will award semi-finalist status to one company for their 2017 FinTech LatAm Program.

Village Capital will award semi-finalist status to one company for their 2017 FinTech India Program.

IAMAI Mobile10X will award 1+ finalist from India one year of free access to IAMAI incubators in Bengaluru and Hyderabad

3+ finalists will receive consulting, GTM support and access to Wipro’s coworking space for 6-months.

Up to 24 people will be given free co-working space during the Accelerator program and for up to 60 days after Demo-Day.

Yodlee will select 1 finalist / region (3 total) to receive fast-track treatment for Yodlee’s incubator mentorship program.

Global Participant Access

Access to Microsoft Legal Advise. Bizspark.

Access to IBM Bluemix and starter kits.

Legal Advise.

FB Start developer program.

Subject Matter Expertise from Allies and more…


Awards for Certificates